Roger Pierson

Chef and Owner

Roger’s Story

Roger Pierson grew up with a love of food. His father instilled a passion and respect for food in Roger at a very early age and he has been cooking ever since. He is a Culinary Arts graduate from the NYC Institute of Culinary Education and has experience working in many restaurants with a variety of cuisines. He is happiest creating luscious food for others and sharing his passion with them. Nothing puts a smile on Roger’s face like feeding people!

Roger is most proud of working with his daughter, who inherited his passion for cooking. In his spare time Roger likes to be outdoors, biking, scuba-diving, sailing, reading, and skiing. In fact, he once jumped out of a helicopter skiiing, if you’re wondering if his cooking is as daring as his personality, reach out and get in touch with him now!

  • Catering 100%
  • Personal Chef Services 90%
  • Commercial Kitchen for Hire 100%
Address: 376 Hollywood Avenue, Fairfield NJ
Business: 973-808-9200
Fax: 973-808-9202

About Roger Pierson’s Culinary Concepts

Culinary Concepts is a full-service company, offering catering for personal and corporate events, personal chefs, and a fully licensed, insured and inspected kitchen for hire.

Whether you’re looking to cater an intimate event like a special birthday, anniversary, graduation or holiday, or have something a little grander in mind – Culinary Concepts has you covered. Make your next event a delicious and fun experience. Their recipes are created with only the highest quality local ingredients to create a culinary experience that you and your guests will fondly remember. With their trained staff, you can co-create the perfect menu for you and your guests, no matter the event.

Tired of cooking on your own? Need someone to whip up something to keep you on your diet? No problem! A personal chef for hire can prepare meals based on your specific needs and preferences. The personal chef will create a customized meal plan, shop for all groceries, prepare and deliver the meal or cook it right in your home.


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