Robert Pellegrino

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Robert’s Story

Robert’s educational and business background and a strong desire to run a business took him in the direction of entrepreneurship. He’s had many professional achievements but the one he’s most proud of is working with a health care provider, as an IAQ consultant, to create a healthy living environment for a highly immune deficient child to live and play in with her family. In his spare time, Robert likes to play Golf, go fishing, plant gardens, and cook for his loved ones.

Robert Pelligrino got into home inspections because he believes that a that the purchase of a home is one of the more stressful events a person experiences in their lifetime. It is a time of joy, great anticipation and excitement mixed with feelings of indecision, second guessing and nervousness. However, a home inspection should not add to your anxiety. Instead, it should provide you with the opportunity to learn the many things about home ownership and your “new home”.


  • Inspections 98%
  • Environmental Assessments 100%
  • Being Awesome 100%
Address: 24 Brantwood Place, Clifton, NJ 07017
Business: 973-594- 1622
Mobile: 973-594- 9337

About Robert’s Home Inspection Services

All Ways Inspect, LLC is a Licensed, Certified, Professional Inspection and Environmental Services Company. We perform value added Real Estate Inspections for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Environmental Phase 1 Building Assessments for Commercial Real Estate Purchases. We offer Environmental Testing and Assessment Services for Radon Gas, Lead Paint, Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality Testing (Allergens, Bacteria, Mold, and VOC’s), HVAC Inspections & Testing and Energy Auditing Services for all types of properties.

All Ways Inspect is committed to helping home owners by providing them with inspection, testing and auditing services that meet, and when possible, exceed the Standards of Practice that govern the industry. They will address and resolve, to the best of their ability, any client issues quickly and in a fair and professional manner.

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