Mustafa K. Ahmed

Systems Analyst

Mustafa’s Story

Mustafa’s been involved with computers since a young age.  After graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biology, his eyes were set on applying to medical school.  He took a clinical research job at the Cardiovascular Center at New York Hospital. Not only did he work with patients on the clinical side, but he also managed the computer databases for the research studies.  He ended up migrating from the patient side to the IT side and found that he really enjoyed the challenges that technology offered. In fact, he enjoys being able to solve the technical challenges that businesses face on a daily basis.

In his spare time, Mustafa enjoys spending time with his wife and son.  He also enjoys repairing and restoring cars. Anything that helps him evolve into a better person and keeps the cycle of knowledge moving forward.

  • IT Management 100%
  • Antivirus & Firewall Solutions 100%
  • Networking & Security 100%
Address: 20-01 Maple Avenue, Fairlawn, NJ
Business: 201-791-8088
Hours: M-F | 8:30am – 6:30pm

About Mustafa Ahmed’s Managed IT Services

Mustafa along with Merkem provide Managed IT services to small and medium sized businesses.  Their goal is to help businesses achieve greater potential and growth by managing their IT infrastructure allowing them to concentrate on their success.

That includes monitoring and maintaining business network routers, firewalls, switches, PCs, server, tablets and mobile devices. They are also a managed services security provider, offering managed antivirus and firewall solutions to protect companies from the increasing threat of ransomware and malware.  Their security solutions carefully inspect data that flows in and out of a company network, rejecting anything that may be deemed malicious, thereby protecting a company’s data and their network.  Companies are creating more and more data daily at an exponential rate.  As a managed backup provider Merkem aims to protect that customer data, manage the backups and restore and reduce the possibility of downtime with their virtual server solutions.  They offer products and solutions from some of the top tier technology vendors like HP, Lenovo, Cisco, WatchGuard, Microsoft, Avaya phone systems, and surveillance solutions from Samsung, Hikvision, and numerous other vendors. They also provide low voltage structured cabling to businesses as part of a complete solution.

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