Beth E. Frederickson

District Sales Coordinator
AFLAC / Bethellenfrederickson, LLC.

Beth’s Story

Beth is a Voluntary Benefit Broker/ Sales Manager. She represents AFLAC, as it is the leading brand and a household name. Everyone knows their duck. She joined AFLAC because she enjoys helping people and making a difference in other’s lives. One of the professional achievements she’s most proud of was in 2015, when she was elected to the Board of Directors of the NJ Professional Insurance Agents Association.

In her spare time, she remains accessible to her clients, and is usually just a phone call or email away. She also enjoys spending time with her children and her three grandsons, and having my friends and family gathered to enjoy a meal together.

  • Supplemental Insurance 100%
  • Insurance Advising 100%
  • Being Awesome   100%
Address: 60 Route 46 East, Suite 4
Mobile: 973-652-8272
Fax: 973-954-5532

About Beth Frederickson’s Voluntary Benefit Brokerage Services

Aflac is a Voluntary Benefit Broker, bringing supplemental benefit programs into companies to round out their benefit packages. Their programs are a valuable asset to the small business owner to have more options for their own families and their employees.  Beth networks and interfaces best with other insurance advisors. Together they can protect all aspects of a business through a consultative process of protecting all of the individual’s needs. Beth’s business model allows her to work with the small business man with as few as 3 employees or a large organization with multi locations. As a District Sales Coordinator she is always looking to attract additional talent to join her team.

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